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Rana Football Club

About the club

Rana FK is a development-oriented club, actively striving for improvement across all aspects. Our passion lies in creating accessible activities with the highest possible quality, fostering a learning and enjoyable environment for children and youth.



Rana FK offers grassroots football for children and youth from the Lyngheim school district. The club aims for all players to experience the joy of football and for as many as possible to continue playing for as long as possible. We want to facilitate opportunities for players to face various challenges based on their interests, skills, and level of maturity.


Join Rana Football Club either through the «sign up» button, or via Minidrett.no.

When you become a member, you commit to following Rana Football Club’s regulations. Membership costs 100 NOK per year.

NB! You do not automatically become a member of Rana FK when you transfer to the club. You must sign up.

Membership is valid until you unsubscribe, either through www.minidrett.no or by contacting medlem@ranafk.no.

Illustrasjon av Mo i Rana sett fra Havmannen

Forward Together <3 #Fremoverilag

«Forward Together» is the core of our operations and the foundation upon which our club is built. «Forward Together» is the club’s vision and is closely tied to our core values:

R – (Raushet) Generosity F – (Felleskap) Community
K – (Kvalitet) Quality

We aim to move forward together because development requires collaboration. We are committed to playing forward football, a style that is both progressive and captivating to watch. As we aspire to compete in higher divisions, it demands coordinated, structured, and proactive efforts over time. We seek partnerships that provide sustenance and sustainability, contributing to the vitality of our community.

Our goal is to actively contribute to the development of our region by fostering activity and joy in sports. We strive to be an inclusive club for children, youth, and adults, welcoming players, parents, and supporters alike. This inclusivity extends to neighborhood clubs and neighbors in the north, south, east, and west!

Everything is interconnected. «Forward Together» is the essence of all we do, driving us toward the achievement of our mission – to empower and bring life to dreams

Frivillig i rfk

Become a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer at Rana FK is an enriching experience that goes beyond the sidelines.

As a vital part of our community-driven club, volunteers play a crucial role in shaping the future of the organization. Whether you’re passionate about coaching, event planning, or administrative tasks, Rana FK offers diverse opportunities for individuals eager to contribute.

A fulfilling journey

Engaging in volunteer work offers a distinctive chance to connect with individuals who share similar values. The social aspect of volunteering enriches the overall experience. This transforms volunteering from a mere commitment into a fulfilling and enriching journey.

The Norwegian spirit of volunteering is marked by inclusivity and a commitment to equality. Volunteers, representing diverse backgrounds, join forces with a shared objective of fostering a more cohesive and improved society. This collaborative effort reflects the essence of the Norwegian volunteering ethos – one that unites people from various walks of life for a common cause.

We need volunteers, and we are certain to find something suited to you.

Get in touch!

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New in town?

As a newcomer to our town, joining Rana FK opens the door to a thriving community and a shared passion for football. Our club is more than just a sports organization; it’s a welcoming family where friendships are forged, and memories are made.

By becoming part of Rana FK, you not only embrace the excitement of the game but also connect with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to development and the collective success of the team.

Jimmy Fjelldalselv


Ørjan Valla

Head Coach

Bjørn A. Risøy

Chairman of the Board

Pål Furnes

Board Member

Generalpartner Rana Gruber logo

General partner

Rana Gruber is a Norwegian sustainable iron ore producer and supplier established in 1964, with operations based on more than 200 years of mining experience. They aim to become the world’s first carbon-neutral iron ore producer by 2025. We are proud to have Rana Gruber as our main partner, as their ambitious and proactive values align with those of Rana FK.

Brave – Safe – Responsible – Proud

Main partners

Rana FK is proud to have solid main partners that provide the club with the power to create activity and football joy in our region.

This gives power and life to our dreams!

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